What is the savannah cat?

The origin of Savannah comes from a breeder, Judee Frank. She loved the wild cats so she creates a cat in the wild appearance, Savannah.


Since 2002, the TICA accepts this new race, but it is only since 2012 that they can compete, except hybrids of F1 et F2 generation. The LOOF has followed in 2007, but only from 5th generation.




The Savannah weighs between 15 and 31 lbs, it is smaller than the serval weighs him between 33 and 57 lbs. The Savannah holds the record for the biggest domestic cat. It can measure up to 15 inch ( shoulder ). The male is always more corpulent than the female.




The Savannah is know as a very inelligent cat, curious, sociable, active, gentle and affectionate. They love to jump and they are recognized as loving water. However, they are each unique and a largely just how high they are young.


One of the striking features of Savannah is having a bit of a divine sweetness. In addition, it does not substantially lost wich decreases the scourge of hair rollers in the corners. Some will even say that it is hypoallergenic, research is inconclusive but with serveral real cases.



F 1

serval x domestic

F 2

F 1 savannah x

male savannah

F 3

F 2 savannah x

male savannah

F 4

F 3 savannah x

male savannah

F 5

F 4 savannah x

male savannah

SBT = it is a pure savannah cat, it comes from at least three generations of savannah cats so this may be at least a F4.