Waiting list


You can register on our waiting list by contacting us. You can then give us your preferences: color, sex.




The reservations are possible from the birth of kittens. To do it, half of the sum is required. ** Afterward, we shall stay in communication to make the follow-up of the evolution of your kitten photos will be sent to you once a week until your cat is ready and in your ownership.


How to understand prices ?


It is necessary to understand that the crossing between a serval and a domestic cat (Bengal originally) is not without any trouble. The time of gestation is not the same that is about 75 days for a serval and approximately 65 days for a domestic cat. Furthermore, the difference of thickness between both bring difficulties to the serval during the coupling. Then, the race becomes more difficult to create. All these factors influence the prices of savannahs F1 and as well as to her descendants. Furthermore, my cats result from a lineage exclusively of savannahs. Thus, the first crossing was made from a savannah cat. All this to obtain the purest possible race.


Price includes


- sterilization (possible to add declawing)

- basic vaccines

- 2 preventative worming treatments

- Starter kit : a bag of food, a promotional item

- health guarantee (with proof of a veterinarian)


Prices are on request


*  International delivery possibility.

** For more information on payment options contact us.