Savannahs cattery in Quebec

We have always been surrounded with animals, mainly cats. A few years ago, we had a crush on a unique race of cat: the Savannah. He is recognized to be curious, affectionate and playful for all his life. Being fascinated by the wild big cats, we decided to open our own cattery in Quebec to allow people to discover this underestimated race. A whole room is dedicated to the breeding, but cats are free to come and go in the house. We believe that to live with us allows a better socialization. We wish to produce cats having the physical characteristics of the Serval and the sweetness of the domestic cat. To do it, we selected an F2 cat resulting from a crossing of a Serval and a female Savannah and a male F5 SBT.

Female Savannah F2B

Gold savannahs
Savannah F2B

What is a Savannah ?

 The Savannah cat results from a crossing between a Serval and a domestic cat. The Serval cats are well known for their beautiful golden colouring; which inspired the name of our cattery. To learn more, click the tab Savannah.



Our african cats

 Because the Serval comes from Africa, we decided to give to our cats the names of African Gods and Goddesses. They have a high percentage of Serval because they result from a first crossing between a Serval and a Savannah cat.


 Do you know the different races of cats? Do you want to learn more about our breeding? We can answer these questions for you.

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